Steps Ahead

We have been in a facilitator and method provider role with e.g. the following assignments:

  • Concept design for a global technology company creating a new business concept / product line (2020-2021).
  • B2B partnership concept design for strategic clients, co-designed between a global technology company, a piloting customer and facilitated by Steps Ahead (2020-2021).
  • Market and technology scenario work facilitation work for a global technology company (2019).
  • Design of sales and delivery models for a global technology company for the industrial internet business unit (2019).
  • A global technology company designing sales model and market entry program for global agreement management (2019-2020).
  • A global real estate company innovating completely new business model into a major renovated building by Helsinki Airport (2016)
  • A global technology company reinventing its sales and delivery models for field service business (2017-2018).
  • A micro company reinventing hybrid simulations methodology for service design purposes (2018-2019).
  • A global real estate company innovating new mall concept for a reconstruction case (2017).
  • A global technology company designing a market entry program for a new patent carrying technology – breaking down the silos between product and sales teams   (2016).
  • A technology company training the global sales organization for consultative selling and key client management (2015).
  • A teleoperator company realizing a sales upgrading & training program (2014).

Hannu Mattinen

My name is Hannu Mattinen. M.Sc., Econ. from Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration. At Steps Ahead, I am a senior business designer and managing partner.

My thinking model: Customer empathy. My approach: Simulate! Rethink! Innovate!

I am one of the leading experts in hybrid simulation methodologies for various business design and competence development contexts. Simulation applications are: service innovations, go-to-market programs, change management and training sales teams. I have created a special methodology called HybridSims™ for facilitating the simulations. These are realized as combinations of online and offline co-creation environments.

I have moderated over 170 simulation workshops. Besides on the domestic markets, in Brazil, France, Germany, Mexico, United States, China and UAE.

My books deal with Customer Experience Design (WSOY 2001 with Kaj and Oskar), Listening to the Customer (Talentum 2006) and The World´s Best Loyalty Marketing cases (Tutkimusmatka lojaliteettimarkkinointiin Talentum 2009 with Sinikka).

In the Steps Ahead Partners Network, I am glad to work with highly experienced and visionary people and organizations giving bright new insight for designing of business models. This is how we can together guarantee experiential development projects and new thinking with successful implementation – supported by unique methodology and deep understanding about change management approaches. Glad to work with you!


Blog (2013–) stepsahead.fi / blog

Book: Hannu Mattinen – Sinikka Sierla: Tutkimusmatka lojaliteettimarkkinointiin – Kuinka edelläkävijäyritykset uudistavat markkinointikäytäntöjä (Casebook on Best Practices and Trends in Marketing and Customer Relationship Management), 2009, (Talentum).

The book Tutkimusmatka lojaliteettimarkkinointiin was rewarded by MTL Finland (Mainostoimistojen liitto) with silver medal in Hopeasulka writing competition (2010).

Book: Asiakkuusosaaminen – kuuntele asiakastasi (Listening to the Customer) 2006, Talentum.

Pro Oeconomica 2006 competition finalist with the book ”Asiakkuusosaaminen”.

Book: RED, Relationship Experience Design (Storbacka, Mattinen, Korkman, WSOY, 2001).

Research: Moderator, researcher and concept creator for a multi-client research project, concerning the future of personal sales, at Haaga-Helia Business School of Applied Sciences, 2012-2013.

Research: Doctoral research work (1998-2004) at Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration in Helsinki, Topic: integrated marketing communications.

Research: Mattinen, Kalliola (2008): Strategian sujuva maastouttaminen: strategian kalibrointimalli (Focus&Visionin publications).

Research: Mattinen, Kalliola, Sierla (2006): Tietämyksen kolme kuilua – kvalitatiivinen tutkimus tietämyksen johtamisesta (Focus&Vision publications).

Research: Mattinen, Strandvik (2002): Identifying the Executive Team´s Role in Customer Relationship Management, Svenska handelshögskolan.

Research: Interactivity 2002 – Onnistuneen asiakkuuden anatomia (Mattinen, Strandvik, Raulas, 2001, Institute of Direct Marketing Excellence).

Key note speaker at “Asiakas 2002” in October 2002 with the topic: “Monikanavaisuus pintaa syvemmältä”.

Key note speaker: Planning and co-moderation of Nokia Retention World Tour: France, Brazil, Mexico, US, UEA, China, Kirkkonummi.

Contact info:
Steps Ahead Oy, Ahomäentie 3, 00780 Helsinki.
firstname.lastname (at) stepsahead.fi , +358(0)40 164 9694.


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