Simulation applications

HybridSims Go-to-Market
HybridSims Customer Journey Design
HybridSims Sales and Delivery Excellence
HybridSims Blended Learning

We have applied the HybridSims simulation method for over 19 years for business concept and sales model design, go-to-market planning, transformation projects, sales training, service innovations, breaking down the organizational silos, and market scenario definitions.

Our simulation workshops are co-creation and sparring events – digging deeper into the new opportunities with the customer. The working process consists of different agile formats: individual ideation, digital co-working 24/7, sparring, solution iteration, logic testing, approval, synthesis and go-to-market design.

We have held simulation workshops in Brazil, China, Finland, France, Germany, Mexico, the U.S. and the United Arab Emirates, in 180+ events to innovate business models, service/delivery concepts and ways-of-selling.

Simulation is also key in strategic decision making

By vast experience, we strongly believe in the use of simulation methodology in strategy design. As a result of high involvement on own teams, better communication and implementation of business strategies are enabled. Strategies are practical scenarios that make organizations agile to react to changes in business environment.

Nihau Communications is our partners in simulations.


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