Innovation management

… most likely, there are people in your organization who have combined skills of customer empathy and rethinking future  … these people need to be discovered and their thinking has to be mobilized … for expressing their foresight about a better world …

The most successful innovation projects are cross-discipline … co-creation between R&D, sales, operations, product management, customer service, management … and customers. This breaking down the silos -approach reduces time to market. It requires insights about how iteration between the product planning and sales teams ought to be done.

People who have customer empathy … have the ability to speak in the words of future customer … and to express latent needs on the market.

Steps Ahead supports organizations in adapting the best methodologies and co-creation practices for innovation design. Our focus is in go-to-market procedures. Often, new technologies require new sales orientation. We have a strong tradition for piloting new solutions, technologies and innovations to define life-cycle plans. We are experts in company-tailored simulations, co-creation methodology, listening to the customer research, and sales training.

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Malila Consulting and Nihau Communications are our partners in innovation management.