Innovation management



As products, services, or business concepts are innovated, they need to be tuned to ready-for-market format. Innovation management is a process that integrates idea generation, product/service development and commercialization phases.

Critical for innovations: customer involvement, go-to-market scenario and scaling

The most successful innovation projects are cross-discipline, meaning methodology driven co-creation between R&D, sales, marketing, and product management. This reduces time to market. It requires insight about how iteration between the product planning and sales teams ought to be done. The other key issue is about the best practices of customer involvement in the innovation process.

Steps Ahead supports organizations in methodology and the best co-creation practices for innovation management. Our focus in on go-to-market procedures. Often, new technology requires new sales orientation, thus new learning. We also discuss about going from the first pilots to scaling on market. We are experts in company-tailored simulations, co-creation methodology, listening to the customer research, and sales trainings.

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